Barn Burners String Band
Melissa BergeronMelissa
Todd HearonTodd
Rodney LarcomRodney
Kevin KiddKevin
Patrick KiddPatrick
Becky TellyerBecky
The Barn Burners String Band Musicians
Melissa Bergeron - Vocals, Fiddle, Guitar
Todd Hearon - Mandolin, Banjo
Rodney Larcom - Vocals, Banjo, Guitar
Kevin Kidd - Vocals, Guitar, Guitjo
Patrick Kidd - Bass, Percussion, Guitar, Vocals
Becky Tellyer - Melodica, Harmonica, Whistle, Vocals

The Barn Burners String Band brings you raucous acoustic music, inspired by bluegrass, Americana, folk, and rock & roll (with a little smattering of Irish music every once in a while...). Wear yer foot stompin' shoes, yer gonna need 'em! You wanna know what we sound like? Listen for yourself! For gigs and other information, contact us.